Ведущий оптовый поставщик
свежих овощей и фруктов, разносолов

National Fruit Company, LTD


Limited Liability Company "National Fruit Company" was registered on 13 December 2011. Close-knit team of professionals holding the same view started to work. To ensure functioning of the warehouse there was formed a powerful material and technical base, purchased the most modern equipment such latest manufacturers as Jungheinrich, Kronen, Flot.

Cold storage rooms with different temperature and humidity regimes provide careful storage. Accurate shipping and receiving pass through a digital scale, which combined with a video control system. For the convenience of unloading/loading of goods flying bridge and dock-levelers on the ramp are set. For the delivery we use a special packaging and flip roll-cages. Distribution is under control by WMS - the latest warehouse management system. Application of this system enables the possibility to organize address calculation, hold standard warehouse operations: reception, selection, uploading, inventory, locking, movement and others. To optimize the entire warehouse complex a high-speed local transmission network was delayed, the system of video phony was introduced, system of control access and surveillance were attached; and also the wireless network wi-fi was configured.

A special pride for the company was the start of its own production of a several maximum equipped workshops (with a planned output of finished goods to 25 tons per day) to produce korean salads, different sorts of pickles.

The company car fleet is presented by the brands Hino and Mercedes-Benz. All vehicles are equipped with transport refrigerating machinery, which allows to delivery goods of excellent quality in the summer heat and in the rough winter. All vehicles are equipped with GPS navigation system. With the creating of a corporate trademark, all vehicles are designed in the same style and became an identity of the company!

On 19 March 2012 we have shipped its first 24 tons to stores and then daily shipping was more than 180 tons at the end of the year. With five product items we have increased its range up to 250 items.

We launched a project for supplying flowers from Russia and Holland by 1 September 2012. Also we equipped stores with special racks for our bouquets. A month later we signed agreement on cooperation with "Mir tsvetov" - the largest producer of flowers in Russia.

Now we are cooperating with more than 500 clients including Spar, X5Retail GROUP, Lenta, Seven.